Since its inception in 1955 in the heart of the Nile delta in Egypt, A. Fakhry & Co. has devoted itself, from founder Ahmed Fakhry to following generations, to the extraction of essential oils and diverse extracts from aromatic plants -- serving the fine fragrance, flavoring (food & feed), cosmetics, pharmaceutical and aromatherapy industries all over the world.

Two farming networks, conventional and certified organic, allow the company to conjugate an array of 150+ strictly natural products and by-products.

Tradition and innovation go hand-in-hand at AF&Co. The company is committed to working in a sustainable, environment-friendly approach to achieve the constant will of obtaining “le beau produit”.

Our main products

Jasmine concrete & absolute & oil, Neroli oil, Geranium oil  and many more...

AF&Co.'s most popular list of essential oils (conventional and organic), followed by our most popular concretes and absolutes. A conventional concrete is produced by solvent extraction using hexane; the absolute is displaced from the concrete using ethanol, and the by-product of absolute is a wax.

Contact us

A. Fakhry & Co.

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