Our impact on the socio-economic life of the local community.

It is our pride that the establishment of A. Fakhry & Co. in Shubra Bilulah as-Sakhawiyyah (Kutur) has had a dramatic impact on the socio-economic life of the local community throughout the years. The company has granted endless employment opportunities to the local community over the past 6 decades and prior 150 years as a family estate. The total number of workers and partnering farmers involved in its supply chain (small-holder farmers, agricultural labor, or any of the other middlemen involved) can be counted in the tens of thousands. Because of the limited size of AF&Co.’s farming estate, the company relies on its surrounding partnering farmers network and across all of Egypt to supply it with the necessary raw materials that are processed at the factory. The tightly knit relationship between AF&Co. and its supply chains is a fundamental paradigm of the company's DNA -- both from a socio-economic and a technical aspect.